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Attic Ventilation

Proper Ventilation – IS KEY!

There are two ovens in almost every home:

  1. The kitchen cooks the food.
  2. Your attic which cooks the house. The hot attic acts like a huge radiator, transferring heat into your living spaces, sending both utility bills and temperatures soaring. Ventilating your attic, closed spaces and storage areas is important. Proper ventilation should create continuous air circulation and helps the space maintain, as close as possible, the same ambient temperature as the outside temperature.

If you’ve ever been in your attic or enclosed spaces, you know just how hot the space can get. The sun beats down on the roof surface and heats up the stagnant air inside the attic. According to the Home Ventilating Institute (, passive ventilation works via a process called ‘convection’. Convection starts at about ~128 degrees fahrenheit and to obtain true convection so that the system works properly, this requires that your attic temperature reaches an average of 138 to 142 degrees fahrenheit. Even at 142 degrees fahrenheit, assuming your air intake is balanced your system would only complete 2 to 3 air exchanges per hour which is better then nothing but not enough to keep your attic as close to the ambient temperature outside.

austin solar attic fan, solar powered ventilationReducing heat buildup which can reach 165-185° fahrenheit
on hot summer days, and moisture in the winter is Key!



Solar Royal was rated #1 Solar Attic Fans (Ventilation) and will ventilate your entire Attic to help maintain 5-15 degrees above outdoor ambient temperature! Call for a free estimate.


solarroyal atticfan  solarroyal atticfan

Regardless if you have composite or metal roofs, AtticDr has installed over the years hundreds and hundreds of solar attic fans for homeowners and contractors, because they make a huge difference if installed properly.

Benefits of Ventilation

Converts passive ventilation to active.

Many homes have no ventilation at all and some have ridge vents or gable vents that only circulates air when pushed by wind or hot enough for convection to start.  SOLAR ATTIC FANS convert passive ventilation to active ventilation.

Extends the life of your roof and AC.

Your shingles are literally being baked on your roof.  Proper ventilation will insure your roof will last longer but also removing heat from your attic will help your HVAC save money as it will have to fight less against the heat in your attic.

Reduces moisture which reduces mold & mildew.

Moisture is a killer, not only to your health by allowing mold and other contaminants to grow but moisture will ruin your insulation and stored items in your attic.  A Solar Attic Fan will help reduce moisture by moving more air, but helping to prevent moisture build-up.

No cost to operate.

The solar attic fan do not require any power.  By there product nature the solar panel on the unit drive the motor when the sun is available.  When there is no sun the unit operates just like any other passive ventilation.

Qualifies 30% Federal Rebate program (unit & installation)

Incredibly enough, when you install a solar attic fan on your property (residential) both the solar attic fan and the installation costs are covered by the American Recover Act which offers a 30% Tax credit.

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